Ceramic African Decor Pot

Ceramic African Decor Pot

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Color Red and White

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Shelley Maisel

These colorful ceramic decorative pots by Shelley Maisel embody the artistic expression of primitive African cultures.   They will brighten up any living space in your home. 

These vessels are hand formed using the same technique adopted by these cultures, namely coiling and pinching. In the coiling method, pieces of clay are rolled into long, thin ropes. These ropes are joined together during the assembly process, with the aid of slip (a clay and water mixture) painted onto the upper edges of the coils. The pinch method is the simplest clay hand-building technique, involving only the use of hands to wedge a ball of clay and mold it into the required shape.

Made in Cape Town, South Africa.  Please allow for slight variances as each piece is hand made. 

Available in 2 varieties shown. 

5.5 x 4.5 inches