Lux Trio Opera Necklace

Lux Trio Opera Necklace

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Natalie Abrams

AW|MW is a hand-engineered, wearable art brand from noted sculptor Natalie Abrams.  Design. Symmetry. Simplicity. Their signature asym and torc hoops combine into a lovely necklace of elegant form and movement. The Lux Trio Necklace stars sterling silver. Lovely asymmetrical and torc hoops swivel and pivot around a sterling silver snake chain. Each hoop has a brushed surface on the exterior which creates a sparkle effect a like little diamond. The edges and interior have a bright, smooth polish. The snake chain is 28” long and has a bright silver finish. Pairs perfectly with the matching small asym or torc earrings. Pure Silver Art.  Own a Wearable Sculpture by Natalie Abrams today.

materials: fair mined sterling silver

overall size: 28 inches long