Paul Signac: A Collection of Watercolors and Drawings

Paul Signac: A Collection of Watercolors and Drawings

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Paul Signac 

Explore the impressionist work of Paul Signac with this Arkansas Museum of Fine Arts catalog.

The scintillating watercolors and drawings of late 19th and early 20th century French artist Paul Signac are the focus of this catalog. From an early date Signac made black and white drawings, often in conté crayon, to compose art works and to study details of his subject matter. In 1888, Signac’s fellow neo-impressionist painter, Camille Pissarro, suggested the medium of watercolor to Signac. Four years later, Signac followed his friend’s advice during a voyage to Saint-Tropez. When he began exhibiting his watercolors later that year, they were quickly successful with both art critics and buyers. Sketches and formally finished works, seascapes and still-lifes, show us Signac’s genius for art on paper. Softcover.