Tricia Wright Silk Scarf with Peacock Butterflies

Tricia Wright Silk Scarf with Peacock Butterflies

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Tricia Wright

This limited-edition, 100% silk charmeuse scarf is hand-cut and sewn by skilled trades people. It has a vibrant sublimation print, and baby rolled machine finished hem. Hand wash in cold water. Line dry.

Flowers are a Beautiful Mathematics; Fibonacci Echinacea with Peacock Butterflies, 2023

"Flowers are a beautiful mathematics" is a line by the Spanish proto-modernist poet Salvador Rueda (1857-1933) whose inspiration was the universality of patterns and structures in nature. At the center of each large flower is a geometric rendering of a Fibonacci mathematic spiral. This complex pattern occurs naturally in Echinacea purpurea, or coneflowers. The coneflowers are paired with butterflies whose intricate markings echo the geometric complexities of the Fibonacci pattern, the radial pattern amplified by a secondary ring of smaller airborne forms.

36 x 36 inches