Spirals Black Recycled Bag

Spirals Black Recycled Bag

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Louise Bourgeois 

Spirals of the spider’s web. Spinning and weaving. Inward and outward. Control and chaos and freedom. The spiral can control chaos but it can also unravel. The thoughtfulness and solemnity of black is used in the spiral as symbolic of the cyclical nature of life on the recycled tote bag. As a young girl, Louise Bourgeois was dyeing cloth, weaving and sewing in her parents’ tapestry studio in Paris. Bourgeois loved spiders. She described the spider as an artist, spinning thread and creating magnificent webs. It could also mend things like the restoring of tapestries in her childhood.

Louise Bourgeois Spirals, 2005 © The Easton Foundation / TATE London 2021