Wooden Spruce Tree Light Green

Wooden Spruce Tree Light Green

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The Lovi Spruce, with the beautiful conical shape and the sweet top reaches for new heights. Such is the smallest spruce in our spruce collection. A tiny spruce full of great Christmas spirit.

Finnish birch plywood brings the feeling of the presence of nature. The beautiful arches of the branches create a peaceful atmosphere.

Assemble and place the Lovi Spruce 14cm on the windowsill, on top of a chest of drawers or on a bookshelf. Add spruce or two to the living room Christmas setting.

Combine colors. Bright red, light green and natural wood spruces harmoniously lined up. Or natural wood, dark green green and bright red creating a relaxed Christmas vibe. Postcard-like package is also a perfect, easy to send gift to a friend, a small thank you for the past season to the teacher, and a small surprise gift on Christmas time.

Dimensions: 14 centimeters or 5.5 inches